About Us

The Test Prep Rx. team embodies a diverse background, with doctors and educators having contributed to the formulation of the reading passages and their attendant questions. The team has had decades of experience creating, structuring, and analyzing item response constructs, and we have applied that experience and knowledge toward the creation of a verbal reasoning preparatory program that, judging by feedback from many prospective medical students, has been tremendously beneficial in preparing for the actual MCAT exam.

From speaking with many students, some of whom are already in the medical pathway and others who are prospective students, we believe there are several misperceptions surrounding the MCAT exam, and specifically the verbal reasoning section. It is widely believed you must bea voracious reader to do well on this section, and/or there is little to be done to develop a skillfulness in this area. We would argue that this product is helpful for students at all levels, and those students who utilize our materials with fidelity and intentionality should find themselves well equipped, via a solid verbal reasoning score, to compete for medical school admission. Having gone through the process, all of us recognize the underlying anxiety of preparing for the MCAT. Our goal, and hope, is we have provided prospective medical students with a tool to at least partially lower such anxiety. Please let us know how we're doing

How this product came about...

As previously stated, we're a diverse group of folks; some of us are medical doctors and others are in the educational field. One belief we all share is the desire to help others, So we're all teachers of one sort or another, and thus we believe we are uniquely positioned to provide students with the knowledge and practice they require to do well on the MCAT. While this venture has had its genesis in Washington State among a group of colleagues and friends, we recognize it has salience and utility across wide swathes of the prospective medical school cohort. The idea for the MCAT verbal reasoning prep took form from a series of incidental conversations centering around the future of medical education and the manner in which an individual develops the intellectual habits of mind commonly associated with a medical practitioner. As we collectively discussed the pathways by which one becomes a physician, the topic of the MCAT arose. We were also, in the course of our daily activities, speaking with many medical students who were expressing to us the difficulties they had in preparing for the reading passages segment of the MCAT, and these students' experiences paralleled our own. We have maintained an undiminished interest in education in all its varied forms, and medical education in particular, for a very long time, and have come to view quality MCAT preparation as a vitally necessary component for any individual seriously considering a career in medicine.

It was at this point the germ of an idea took hold: we could/should create a useful product that would actually help young people traverse their professional pathway with more ease and less anxiety. We saw a need, and we thought we could help. At this point, it's important to note that,preparation difficulties aside, the writers of this program all scored extremely well on the verbal reasoning MCAT section, and we mention this to assure you we bring both expertise and practical experience to this process.

We surely recognized there are many resources available that purport to prepare one for this section of the MCAT, but none of them really captured the flavor of the actual test; that was our purpose, and our feedback to date supports that assertion.

About the test construct design...

The team began by obtaining all the previously available MCAT released items and answering all the verbal reasoning questions under timed conditions. We then categorized both the types of passages and the style of questions. This proved to be a critical component because the universally espoused criticism of other products was their inadequacy in this regard. (As an aside, we recommend accessing the AAMC site [www.e-mcat.com] and, like we did, take all available practice tests if time allows).

The team then adapted passages that, to the greatest extent possible, replicated the types of passages seen on the actual test. Likewise, our questions also meet this standard. Our #1 goal was to completely simulate the actual MCAT test-taking experience; in our experience it's the most effective way to improve your test-taking skills. As you probably know, the updated MCAT has a longer verbal reasoning section, and our tests are formatted to reflect this update.

We don't really need to tell you that the MCAT verbal reasoning section is a highly nuanced and complex test. Thus, the response choices for many of the passage questions reflect that complexity, and many of the responses might, at first glance, seem equally correct. However, a discerning test-taker must develop a facility in analytical thinking sufficient to make a correspondingly correct choice. Therefore, your developers have taken great pains to explain their reasoning so that you might gain valuable insight and improve your analytical skill, at least in this area. We go into significant detail about why each response choice is either most correct,correct but insufficient, or incorrect. The official AAMC site, while providing excellent questions,will not provide the same level of detailed response explanation/analysis as we do.

Based again on user feedback, we believe this product will most precisely replicate the experience of actually taking the MCAT verbal reasoning section, but, if anything, we have erred on the side of slightly enhanced difficulty. We believe this approach to be helpful, however; our preliminary feedback responses overwhelmingly indicate that students too feel very well prepared and much more confident than they were prior to using this product.